• First, we collect the basic details and anthropometric measurements to understand you.
  • Medical History and current Biochemical parameters help us decipher the status of your body. Which will guide us towards setting specific goals for you
  • With details of your activity pattern, we are able to identify your Physical Activity Level and Fitness Level that enables us to suggest the type and intensity of exercise required to strengthen your body
  • Your Lifestyle, Eating habits and Digestive health tells us about your immunity, gastrointestinal system, food preferences, and restrictions
  • Getting sufficient and sound sleep is paramount and we consider your sleep hours and pattern to gauge if your body is well rested and prepared for the challenges of a fresh new day. Disturbed or inadequate sleep may affect your overall health in a number of ways.
  • And a comprehensive history of food intake forms the foundation for your new Health Plan which is based on the detailed calculation of your nutrient requirements. Thus the food combinations are suggested to you through your Health Plan.

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