Nowadays diabetes has become a household term as every 3rd person is suffering from Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus. Diabetes becoming common has nothing to do with its severity as over a period of time it can affect every vital organ of our body making us prone to more such conditions. But don’t worry our experts and certified Diabetes Educators will help you out and try to make managing diabetes less of a problem. For Diabetes Management Health Plan consult your Nutritionist today.


In today’s fast paced world we are stressed and often don’t get enough sleep. These might be the reasons for your rise in cholesterol level. Together, let’s climb the steps towards happy and healthy life. Dyslipidemia could have multiple causes and inactivity is one of them. Physical activity is as important as food which is neglected since long. Consuming foods rich in Saturated fats, trans-fats and hydrogenated oils further put you at risk. Changing the brand of oil is not the solution. Let our experts guide you towards healthy oil choices and rest of the food with activity. Call us today for Cholesterol management Health Plan.


We often turn a blind eye at some body alerts like stiff joints, muscle pains or irregular periods and attribute them to getting older. Remember, prevention is better than cure. A very common condition among women’s today is Hypothyroidism where your metabolic rate slows down leading to weight gain. Many people think that weight gain is a part and parcel of hypothyroidism but that is not true if you maintain your diet and physical activity which will in turn keep you healthy and prevent over weight. For a thyroid specific Health Plan Connect with us today.


Did you know that hypertension affects 1 in every 5 adults? Along with the intake of the prescribed medication it is also important to follow a healthy food plan and remain active. Taking medicines doesn’t give us the liberty to go easy with salt in our diet. High blood pressure is a serious problem which translates into multiple health problems over a period of time if not kept under check. Let our experts guide you towards blood pressure management and healthy lifestyle.